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  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Icaro- Skunk DF
  • Reading: Especting Patrio Betteo's Mirador...
  • Watching: Metal Gear awesomeness
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  • Eating: nuthin
  • Drinking: water


Also her brand new BLOG TAXIDERMIA

Graphic Design stuff... I suck at that...


also check :iconbetteo: journal to find out more about his new book.
And I'm still stuck with work... I know, I know... nobody asked! heheheh

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  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Icaro- Skunk DF
  • Reading: Especting Patrio Betteo's Mirador...
  • Watching: Metal Gear awesomeness
  • Playing: Nothing... I'm just
  • Eating: nuthin
  • Drinking: water
Wow... just, wow.

This game is great, and it was a perfect closure fo a perfect series... visually amazing, great story, awesome designs... the cinemas are wonderful.

That was spoken like a true fan, but I honestly should ppoint something that I believe are not for everyone...

If you don't like Metal Gear (I don't know such a weird person, but I'm sure that they must exist) the history and cinemas will be totally OVERWHELMING, I mean, there are like eight hours of cinema (I believe that some of the designers said that was about half of the game) and the trama itself its quite complex (sons of liberty was totally beaten), but I really like it... I point this 'cause I really don't know if by saying that the trama rocks big time is because is true or because I'm a fan...

The other point is a very ambivalent point... the character are so well detailed and so realistic... that in some points of the game (most of them Otacon's traditional drama queen acts) looks kind of... "unreal" like dummies or something like that, something similar to what happened with Final Fantasy: Spirit Within (I believe that was the title, correct me if I'm wrong) movie... 3D charactes that looks so real... that just are kinda fake in some very human moments, however, this only happens a few times, most of the game cinemas are really gorgeus.

And by the other hand...

I don't have any time to upload anything... bloody school is eating my life... but once i'll finish with this charade I will upload everything that I have in "stand by", promised (no one asked about that... but what the heck)

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Orphan works...…;<<(read)… <<(listen)

This is really bad,  basically anything that you don't registered as yours (for which you HAVE TO PAY, yes!!! to pay for something that YOU created!!) is concidered ORPHAN WORK, sketches, family and personal photos (yes my friend, photo logs, hi5 or whaterver) illustration, basically anything that you can create and upload has no rights if you don't pay! even the worl that you ALREADY registered for the past 30 years! not only upload, but if you send sketches to an art director or a editor, and he choose one, you had to registered ALL of them, 'cause if you don't, they can used it, 'cause legally ITS NOT YOURS!!

One of the sickest things of all is that if you use one of your work that you didn't register and someone else registered arguing that is Orphan Works, YOU ARE THE THIEF because your work is THEIRS!!

I know... I'm Mexican anf, of course, I'm not a U.S. citizen, but this affect all of us around the world, but if you are a US citizen, please CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR:…

Many other artist are working against this, and the least that we can do is to help others to know about this.

Thanks for your time, to anyone who reads this

Manuel "Samolo"
  • Mood: Fear
  • Listening to: Ivan Rebroff- Katjuscha
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  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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It took me a little by suprise, I must admit that.

I used to like mudkip, but after this Im more into torchic...


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I'm trying to upload a daily sketch or draw to my blog... starting today!

Update: what an idiot! I forgot to put the link...

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  • Mood: Unhappy
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  • Reading: Drawing and painting Fantasy Worlds
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Tambien lo puse en español, no es mi intención ser "malinchista", pero es más fácil que la mayoría lo lea en ingles. Mil disculpas, el journal en español esta más abajo.

The reason for this journal, I'm afraid, it's not as pleasant to me as the last, 'cause its not about what this art community has taught me, but a bitter taste of what some people consider art.

This is and artistic community, and there are many ways to do art, but no matters what way you choose you use for artistic expression, its always a way to represent reality. To represent suffering, pain, and death is quite common on art, it could be used to communicate something deeper, as in Schindler's list, or in Gonzáles Camarena's "El abrazo" (its something like "the hug")… ,but to deliver pain, death, or both and call it art...

The matter of this journal is this:…

The man claims that this was in honor of Natividad Canda, a man who, according to Samantha's research on suadmerican newspapers, was attacked by two rottweilers, attack that cost his life. What he forgoted to tell was that the man broke in a mechanic workshop (I'm not shure that this is the right word...), that was robbed before, by jumping the wall of the place, and then was attacked by the two guardian dogs, died in the way to the hospital...  nothing against the poor man, but his dead doesn't justify other creatures deads...

This make us feel quite bad, specially Sam, 'cause she always fights for animal rights, and also because the man uses art as a shield for his actions, wich I believe its very irresponsible for someone who considers himself an artist...

Sorry for the long journal, but we feel that tell this community this kind of stuff was important

Versión en Español mal redactado...

El asunto de este journal me temo, no es tan ameno para mí como lo fue el anterior, pues no es un homenaje a lo que esta comunidad artista me ha dado, sino un trago amargo de lo que algunas personas consideran arte.

Esta es una comunidad artística, y hay muchas formas de hacer arte, tanto bellas arte como arte comercial o como quieran llamarlo, para mi realmente no hay tanta diferencia, pero sin importar de que manera se exprese este siempre lo hacemos utilizando la realidad como un modelo a seguir, representar el sufrimiento, el dolor. la muerte, puede ser artístico he incluso tener una intencionalidad más profunda, como es el caso de la Lista de Schindler, o "el abrazo" de Gonzáles Camarena, pero hacer sufrir y causar la muerte de otro ser vivo y llamarlo arte...
El asunto es el siguiente:  

16 OCTUBRE 2007

"Guillermo Vargas Habacuc es un costarricense que dice ser artista. El pasado mes de agosto hizo una exposición en una galería de Managua (Nicaragua); cazó a un perro callejero, lo ató con una corta cuerda a una de las paredes del local y lo dejó morir de hambre y sed. Según él, ese acto de cobarde sadismo es arte. Ahora este torturador ha sido invitado a participar en 2008 en la prestigiosa Bienal Centroamericana de Honduras. Hay una campaña internacional de recogida de firmas para pedir que se revoque esa invitación. Puedes firmar  en…, por favor, reenvia el mensaje a todos tus conocidos."

Rosa Montero

:iconbetteo: :iconadrianperezacosta: :icontonysandoval: :iconbloommer: :iconblush-art:  :iconnjoo: :iconjamiedmac: :iconkinkei: :iconmrcrapinson: :iconalter-egov2: :icongoyatoons: :iconthecosty:
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Well, this is my first journal... I'm really bad with words, even when I talk like a parrot...
First that all, I want to say that I wasn't really sure about opening an account on DA, I'm a little paranoid and the first thing that pass trough my mind was "oh no! the evil art thives!" but   :iconalter-egov2:  who is something like my best friend had and account, and  :iconbetteo: who I admire since I was 15, had one to, so I say "what the hell!" and Samantha and I start and account, and the rest is... well not history... its more like a... whatever...

By the way, the main reason of this journal was to thanks all the people who pass by in our gallery, and the people who watched us, since we opened our gallery I learned a lot of things watching other deviants, and we always appreciate the comments and favs.


Some Deviants that I watch:

:iconbetteo:  the man that taught me that you can work as an Illustrator in México and still rock.

:iconadrianperezacosta:  A very talentent artist, I always wait to see whats new on his gallery

:icontonysandoval: Disturbing, but amazing

:iconbloommer: Love his style

:iconblush-art: her art always reminds me that we like ice cream

:iconnjoo: Great concept artist

:iconjamiedmac: Amazing sculptor

:iconkinkei: Always appreciate her comments and her work

:iconmrcrapinson: Love his pixelart

:iconalter-egov2: my best friend... I don't know why... and a great photographer

Samantha's school friends or something like that:

:icongoyatoons: I wish I can use color pencils like she does

:iconthecosty: upload something!